Albatros DVa (1917)

This is a 1/16 scale model my wife got me some years ago from Model Airways, a division of Model Expo, Inc. That 1/16 scale means it is really small. Fortunately the parts are laser cut. But that only gets you part way home. Notice that the ribs have vertical stiffeners out of wood and caps and bases on the ribs. Those all have to be added. Then come the wire braces and turnbuckles, which I simplified a bit. I also know now something more about the hinging of the ailerons on the actual airplane.

I love the cut out sections of the ribs to lighten them. I am very glad, again, for the laser cutting.

Supposedly Manfred von Richthofen also flew this machine. But I could not find a cross reference. He certainly did fly earlier versions of the Albatros biplane, however. The DV model had lower wing problems and German pilots avoided stressing the lower wings, which the British pilots soon learned. Maybe that came into the decision. 

The detail in this little kit is almost remarkable. There are cockpit details as well as a remarkable little Mercedes 180 HP engine. These details are metal castings, as in the case of the ailerons in the photo. 

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